Guys, i don’t know if this is already known news or not but the reason for Summer Rae and Fandango breaking up is so Summer can film The Marine 4. Hopefully this means she’ll be back with Fandango later

What is the first thing you think when you see Lana

Renee Young’s evil twin


Current favourite: Daniel Bryan (It was CM Punk up until a few months ago)

All time favourite: Undertaker

Are you excited that Adam Rose and Bo Dallas are coming up to main roster? Are there other people from NXT that you would like to see move up soon?

I’m excited to see Bo Dallas purely for the amount the fans will hate him. He plays his delusional gimmick so well. I’m not too sure about Adam Rose. I like him and i like the gimmick but it seems like only a month ago he started doing the Adam Rose thing. I know he was in NXT for ages as Leo Kruger but bringing Adam Rose to the main roster seems too soon

I can’t wait to see Tyler Breeze on the main roster. I will cry tears of joy when that happens

How many WWE live events have you been to?

If i can remember this right, i went to Raw about a week after Eddie died, then about a year later i went to Smackdown. I went to Raw in London last year (Shield vs Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan) and i’m going to Raw in London again next month

I’m so bored. I’ll answer literally any anon questions just to entertain me for a short while. Hell, they don’t even have to be questions. Or anon. Basically just send shit to my inbox


she let him use rusev


she let him use rusev


Kane tho